What is Max Heart Rate, and why should you discover yours?

Max heart rate, or maximum heart rate, is the highest number of times your heart can safely beat per minute during physical exertion. It is often used as a benchmark to determine exercise intensity levels and to design individualized training program

As you exercise more intensely, your heart rate increases to pump more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

There are many formulas that can roughly estimate your Max Heart Rate, but we recommend using our app to make a more accurate and scientific estimation based on your actual heartbeat.

We use your max heart rate to accurately guide you to the correct heart rate during your activities to maximize the health benefits.

Be aware that your max heart rate will not change by exercise. It is stable and will only go down a bit with your age. Your resting heart rate on the other hand is trainable and will, if exercising correctly, be lower when you rest and come down faster after intense exercise.

If you are participating in a Myworkout GO contest, we use your max heart rate to reward you with extra points for high-intensity minutes (HIT minutes).


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