How to earn HIT- minutes and -points?

To earn HIT minutes during your workouts, you must complete a Biological age evaluation, a special workout that helps us learn about your physical fitness.

After this workout, we will know your VO2max, Biological age, and even your Maximum Heart Rate if you use a supported Heart rate monitor. Once we have that information, we can reward some of your future activities with HIT minutes. If you are involved in one of our contest, your HIT-minutes will be rewarded as HIT-points (4 points each minute compared to 1 point per minute).

If you have a Heart rate monitor

Do a biological age evaluation with a connected Heart rate monitor. We will estimate your Max heart rate with high precision, enabling you to earn HIT minutes for all your future activities completed while using a heart rate monitor.

If you don’t have a Heart rate monitor

Do a biological age evaluation by running or walking outside with a turned-on GPS so we can determine your speed and incline during the workout and estimate the intensity of it. You can also do an indoor treadmill workout if you manually input the correct exercise data upon workout completion. This will enable you to earn HIT minutes. Also following the apps featured 4x4 protocols for spinning, and other watt machines will provide you with HIT.