How to score points

A quick summary on how to score points and what activity gives extra points.

How to score points:

All activity gives points as long as it is logged in the app. This can be done directly in Myworkout Go (start/stop) or by connecting a heart rate monitor. We give extra points for HIT minutes as these are the minutes that are most important for your physical health.

4 points per HIT minute, 1 point per activity minute.

Questions about how you connect to a heart rate monitor, what HIT minutes are, how they are collected and much more are answered in our knowledge database.

How does the HIT calculation goes? 

<activity_min> - <hit_min> + (<hit_min> * 4)
<activity_min> + <hit_min> * 3

The first one just shows more clearly how it is calculated. I.e., take the total time, subtract the hit minutes, then add the hit minutes times 4
But it's exactly the same as taking the total time and adding hit minutes times 3