This is how 4x4 is supposed to feel like

Many people associate interval training with blood, sweat and tears. We're here to tell you that of these three, it only takes a little sweat to get you in better shape, quickly and easily.👇

Performing 4x4 intervals

The actual execution of 4x4 intervals is a fairly short process. In total, there are 16 minutes of higher intensity. How long the actual session lasts is up to you and how long you want the active breaks to be. We recommend that you have a minimum of 3 minutes active break between each pull.


The purpose of the warm-up is to get you ready for the exercise. You have to figure out how long you need to warm up, but if you want to stick to the app's formula with a 6-minute warm-up, we recommend that you use the warm-up to build up to the desired intensity. The speed should always be experienced as pleasant. 

Interval strokes

In the interval strokes, you should aim for an intensity that after a couple of minutes makes you breathe so heavily that you don't feel like speaking in complete sentences. This means that the first minute to a minute and a half of an interval move should be experienced as fairly "easy".

NB: Make sure you run with minimum 5% incline.

When, after about one minute into the interval, you want to speak in full sentences, don't push yourself any further.

At the right intensity, you should be out of breath without feeling any kind of discomfort. If you use a heart rate monitor with the app, it will guide you to the right intensity.

A rule of thumb is that you should be able to continue for another minute at this intensity when the active break starts.

Active break

In the active breaks, you must reduce your speed so that you can breathe and speak normally again. Make sure the intensity doesn't drop too low, as this will only make it harder for you to get your heart rate back up in the next interval. Get ready to repeat another interval move


The last active break is the exercise's decrement. Use this to actually step down and feel for: "I could do another 4 minute interval pull now if I had to".

If the answer is "yes" to this, you have completed the training correctly. If the answer is "no", you have trained too hard.

One interval session per week maintains moderate endurance levels. 4 minutes intervals are a minimum of twice as effective as any other endurance intervention. Learn why is 4x4 so efficient.