Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor?

To benefit from training with heart rate monitoring, you need to know your maximum heart rate.

Adjust your intensity

Once you have estimated your maximum heart rate with the app and continue to use a heart rate monitor when exercising, the app will guide you to regulate your intensity. If you want to have effective cardio training, you should create and maintain an intensity between 85 and 95% of maximum heart rate. When you pass 85% of the max, the app will give you HIT minutes.

Get HIT minutes on all activities

The criteria for getting HIT minutes with the app is that you keep both legs moving and that you achieve a minimum of 85% of maximum heart rate. By connecting a heart rate monitor to the app, you will be able to get HIT minutes also for activities that cannot be measured via GPS and barometer. These activities include:

✅ Cross-country skiing

✅ Cycling

✅ Indoor training such as salt lessons, treadmill (except 4x4), elliptical machine (except 4x4 with watts), etc.

You do not need to train with a heavy pulse

It is not necessary to use a heart rate monitor when exercising. Your heart will still beat 😉 Health personnel at the Training Clinic in Trondheim use Myworkout Go in the rehabilitation of their patients. They do not use pulse measurement to follow the patients' development. The body gives clear signals of a higher heart rate. These are the signals your body will give you when you reach about 85% of your maximum heart rate:

✅ You breathe heavily and want to breathe with your mouth open

✅ You don't feel like speaking in complete sentences

✅ You have no discomfort beyond being out of breath

✅ You recover quickly when you reduce the intensity

How to connect a heart rate monitor to the app