What is HIT points?

We love HIT minutes and would like you to do the same. Here you can read about what it is and why it is something to look for.

Why is HIT a hit?

HIT stands for "High Intensity Training". In other words, training with a higher intensity. If these words make you sweat, there's good reason to read on.

Those who swear by this type of training do so precisely because the effect is phenomenal and the results come quickly. And what are the results? Yes, better shape and health!

Higher intensity is easier than you might think

Higher intensity is no more challenging than that the activity you do should leave you out of breath and warm. The longer you hold it, the more out of breath you will become and the more heat you will produce. The good thing is that the effect starts to make itself felt from the first minute. How many minutes you need to improve your physical condition has been extensively researched and the recommendations from the WHO and the authorities are clear. But how easy is it to keep track of your minutes and how do you know you're actually doing something that works?

Get an overview of your minutes and do what actually works

We know how many minutes of HIT you need to improve your physical condition and we have found a way to measure it so that you can have an overview at all times. Research shows that 32 HIT minutes a week is what is needed for you to improve your physical form. How you accumulate these 32 minutes per week is completely up to you. But there are some simple tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your time:

  • Calibrate your app to make measuring easier on any activity you do
  • Choose activities that keep both your legs moving (walking, running, cycling, dancing, skiing...)
  • Carry out the training in blocks of a minimum duration of 2-6 minutes per block
  • Don't train too hard - the taste of blood in your mouth and discomfort won't do you any good
  • Find the intensity by following your body's signals = breathless and hot, but no other discomfort.

Competition in Myworkout Go

If you are competing in the Myworkout Go app, it will also pay to get hold of these HIT minutes. They will actually give you four times as a reward for your activity. In our competitions, you get one point for every active minute, but HIT minutes, on the other hand, are rewarded with 4 HIT points per HIT minute. In other words, you can train four times as little if you only train correctly.