Enroll the competition

Here you will find answers to everything you may wonder about training competition with Myworkout GO πŸ‘‡

1. How do I enter a competition?

There are two ways to enter a competition. βœ… Click into the competition and take your place. ‍Seat selector makes the onboarding to the competition super easy.


‍2. When you tap the link the following happens :

  1. If you don't have the app installed on your phone, the Myworkout GO download page will open. Here you download the app.
  2. If you already have the app installed on your phone, the app opens directly.
  3. Select: "Join". A code will occur and automatically paste, connecting you to the contest. Just like the video below. If the code doesn't enter it means you need to copy paste it due to safety protocols at your workplace.



Check that you find the competition! Go to the competition icon in the app. Here you should have a full overview of the competition itself and possibly the team you are a part of. 

3. I have participated in competitions before and will join again.

Each competition is new so even if you have participated before you must click into the competition and take your place.

4. How is the competition set up?

In the competition, all participants are divided into teams or all against all, regardless, the goal is to collect training points. The competition consists of weekly matches that your team/you can win πŸ…

Every Sunday at midnight, the team points are added up and a weekly winner is chosen. Training sessions that are not saved by Sunday of the current week will not be included. The points are then reset to zero and a new weekly match starts.

The winner of the competition is finally chosen based on the best average rating in all the weekly matches.πŸ† The competition starts: (We agree on this) and ends: (recommended duration 4 to 12 weeks)‍.

5. How do I collect points in the competition?

You get points for workouts that are registered in the Myworkout GO app. You can do it in the following ways:

  • You can use the Myworkout GO app to carry out workouts.
  • You can post-register workouts in the Myworkout GO app. In order for the scoreboard to be kept up to date during the week, you will only receive points in the competition if the session is registered within 24 hours of the training being completed.
  • You can connect your Garmin, Fitbit, Polar and Apple health account so that these the training sessions are automatically synced to your Myworkout account.

6. How are the points calculated?

You get 1 point per training minute registered in Myworkout GO. In order for you to make good progress, you must train at a high enough intensity, long enough for the heart to get an effective workout. We call this HIT minutes.

We know that 4x4 intervals achieve this, so for every minute of kites in a 4x4 session recorded with Myworkout GO, you get 4 points. If you don't want to train 4x4 but still want to train at a high intensity, you will get 4 points for every HIT minute you register in the activity meter. 

‍7. What can I register as training?

All training can be registered. If the category for the training you have completed is missing from the app, you can either use the activity meter function or post-register and name the activity you have done.

As a rule of thumb, you should only register activities that make you sweat so much that you would normally have worn training clothes. But if you have something that prevents you from performing normally, such as a sore knee or back pain, then you record the training you manage.