Connect your heart rate monitor to Myworkout GO

Here's a guide for how to connect your Heart Rate Monitor to Myworkout GO

By connecting a heart rate monitor to Myworkout GO you achieve this 👇

✅ The app measures your maximum heart rate for you when you perform 4x4 intervals.
✅ Feedback during training. You will be told if you are training too hard or too easy.
✅ Motivation to see that you are able to do more work with a lower heart rate as your form improves.
✅ Measuring time at heart-healthy intensity 👉 HIT minutes

These heart rate belts fit the app

All heart rate belts that support bluetooth can be used for the app. Some of these can only send date to one recipient at a time, so you may have to disconnect the heart rate measurement that is sent to your training watch in order to connect directly to Myworkout GO.

Use a pulse belt that is placed around the chest or on the upper arm. Heart rate monitors with their own optical meters usually cannot send heart rate data and will not work.

Connects to your heart rate belt

  • Put on your heart rate belt
  • Go to your profile (top left corner of the app)
    Select "heart rate monitor"
  • When the app has connected with your heart rate monitor you will see a pulsating animation and "x beats/min" or "x % of max"
  • Go back to the home screen and start your workout 🙌

This is how you get guidance on heart rate measurement

Start a 4x4 training in the app. The first training session with a heart rate monitor will be unguided. The app uses this training to analyze your heart rate and estimate your maximum heart rate. In order for you to get as correct a measurement as possible, it is important that you read and follow the information given to you in the app before pressing start.

The information you must have to get the correct measurement.

You must carry out the exercise by breathing heavily without discomfort. The app assumes that you train so intensively that you breathe heavily during the intervals, but that you don't take in so much that you feel unwell. After an interval is finished, you should feel that you could continue for 1 more minute if you had to. Read more about how 4x4 should be experienced here 👈

When you are done, you will receive a notification from the app. (Top right corner of the app). Accept this to use the first heart rate measurement and maximum heart rate estimate as a basis for your further training.

PS! If you already know your maximum heart rate and feel confident that it is correct, you can manually enter it into the app's profile. You will NOT then receive notifications about new estimates of your maximum heart rate.

This is how the guide works

It is only from your second training session that you receive heart rate guidance. The guidance will be based on your estimated maximum heart rate. The estimated maximum heart rate will continue to adjust based on completed training sessions using a heart rate monitor. Eventually it will stabilize. For each new estimate of your maximum heart rate the app calculates, you will receive a notification at the top of the app's right corner. You must accept this for the latest estimate to be used as your basis.

The guidance takes place by a voice telling you during the training what your heart rate is and whether it is OK, too high or too low. In addition to the voice, you get the same instructions on the phone screen with text and arrows pointing up, down or neither.

This is how it should be experienced to train 4x4 intervals