Weekly Contest Resets

Each week is considered a separate contest within the larger framework of our activity competition. Points are reset to zero at midnight every Monday, and a new weekly match commences immediately thereafter.


Weekly resets offer several benefits:

  1. New Beginnings: Teams and participants have a fresh start every week, which keeps the competition lively and engaging.

  2. Multiple Opportunities: Resetting points allows for different teams or individuals to win from week to week, encouraging continued participation and effort.

  3. Dynamic Competition: The approach maintains a sense of urgency and excitement, as each week presents a new chance for glory.

In-App Features: Leaderboard and Participant Overview


The competition app is equipped with a real-time leaderboard and an overview section that displays the list of participants and their respective points.


The features serve to:

  1. Enhance Transparency: Everyone can see where they stand in the competition, fostering a sense of fairness.

  2. Drive Motivation: The leaderboard acts as a motivational tool, pushing teams and individuals to improve their ranks.

  3. Enable Strategy: An overview of participants and points can help teams plan their efforts more effectively, deciding where to focus their energies for maximum impact.