How do I measure my biological age?

Myworkout GO is the only app in the world that can measure maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) and biological age with such a low margin of error that it can be used for medical purposes. Your VO2 max says more about your health than any other parameter.

How can the app measure your fitness outdoors?

The app calculates VO2max and biological age by measuring how much work you manage to do during a standard 4x4-minute high-intensity interval session. It is done differently outdoors, at the mill and at the device.

Outdoors, the app uses GPS data and barometer data, together with data from altimeter maps to calculate the speed and elevation you have during the interval runs. Based on this data, the app knows something about the work you are able to perform and thus measures your fitness in terms of maximum oxygen uptake.

How to measure your fitness on the treadmill?

On the treadmill, the app uses the incline and speed you register for the interval runs to calculate the workload, and based on this your fitness. During the kites, you should get sweaty and out of breath, but you should not stiffen or experience other discomfort.

When the activity is finished you will be asked to enter the climb and the speed you maintained in the various kites.

How to measure your fitness on devices?

Many people prefer to train with devices that measure watts. You can also measure biological age with these devices, but remember to choose a device that puts both legs into activity.

Recommended devices:

  • Roman machine
  • Bicycle (Spinning, ergometer)
  • Ellipse machine

In the Myworkout GO app, you can carry out a biological age test on a watt machine by starting the activity and following the instructions from the voice in the app.

The goal is to find a Watt level you can stay at for all 4 minutes in the 4 kites. (You should be sweating and out of breath, but you should not stiffen or experience other discomfort).

When the activity is finished you will be asked to enter the wattage level you held in the various kites. We also need your weight to be able to calculate your biological age based on watts.

Why is it not necessary to measure pulse?

For some it is fun and motivating to use a heart rate monitor when they exercise, for others not. With Myworkout GO, you can choose whether you want to use your heart rate as a guide or not. Both parts work equally well.

Without pulse measurement, you use the body's own signals to control the intensity. During the intervals, you should breathe heavily, not be able to speak in full sentences, without feeling discomfort.

To get the most out of a heart rate monitor, you need to know your maximum heart rate. If you like to have control over your training session, a heart rate monitor can be useful, but then it is important that you know what your maximum heart rate is.

If you do not know what your maximum heart rate is, you will not benefit from using a heart rate monitor. Remember that there is no shortcut to finding your maximum heart rate.

The methods where you calculate your maximum heart rate based on formulas and age are very inaccurate. There are large individual differences in maximum heart rate for everyone of the same age. It is therefore important that maximum heart rate is measured during activity. You can use the app to test your maximum heart rate 👇

How to test your maximum heart rate