How does the app work?

Do you want to get in better shape and see results from the effort you put into training? With Myworkout GO you can train more efficiently and see the progress of your training.

Using Myworkout GO the next time you train for endurance, the app calculates your maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) and biological age. These are the most important physical health goals we have today. The app is based on research around exercise and focuses on exercise that gives the best effect for your health. The training can be carried out by anyone, regardless of the fitness level or age.

Effective training that works

The heart is our most important muscle and must be trained throughout life. ❤️ We get the best training of the heart when the heart is completely filled with blood. Our blood weighs a total of around 4-5 kilos, so it takes from 1 minute and up to 2 minutes in a specific exercise intensity to achieve full filling of the heart.

You should therefore have training intensity long enough for the heart to get a proper workout. That is why we recommend 4x4 interval training. It is a session that takes 34 minutes and from which you see a measurable effect if you perform the session 2 times a week. This has been documented through many years of research.

This is how you train with Myworkout GO

On the front page of the app, you choose whether you want to carry out the activity outdoors, on a treadmill or using a training device with a watt meter. When you start the session, a voice will guide you through the entire session 🎧, and tell you when to increase and decrease the intensity of the training. The training time is just 34 short minutes, including warm-up and cool-down.

  • Warm-up: Lasts 6 minutes. Moderate intensity with calm breathing so that you get to talk along the way.
  • High-intensity intervals: There are 4 intervals of 4 minutes each. The intensity should be between 85 and 95 percent of maximum heart rate. At such an intensity, you should get heavy breathing, without feeling discomfort. You should not be able to speak in complete sentences. When you finish an interval you should not feel more tired than if you could have continued for another 1 minute at the same pace. And when you finish the last interval, you should not feel more tired than if you could have completed a fifth interval at the same pace.
  • Active breaks: There are breaks between intervals to remove lactic acid. The breaks usually last 3 minutes on the treadmill and equipment, and 4 minutes outdoors. You can extend the breaks to up to 6 minutes. The breaks should be at the same intensity as the warm-up – at speaking speed, at around 70 per cent of maximum heart rate. If you stand still during the breaks, you hardly remove lactic acid.
  • Cool-down: After the last interval there is a 3-minute cool-down. You can do this at the same intensity as in the warm-up.

After you have completed the training session, you will know your biological age and maximum oxygen uptake. As you complete more sessions, you can see the development in biological age and VO2max over time. Normally, it takes 10 weeks of two training sessions a week to reduce your biological age by 10 years(!).

Dare to be out of breath

After finding your biological age, the app can evaluate the quality of all your outdoor activities. Using an advanced map system in the app, you can see when you have been in the right intensity zone to improve your fitness. The magic for health happens when you breathe well. In the image below you can see your HIT (high intensity training) minutes marked as orange fields on the map. In the course of a week, you should have accumulated 32 HIT minutes.

Features in Myworkout GO

Functions in the app are outdoor training, treadmill, machine training, training statistics, visualization of training progress, and the possibility to connect to a heart rate monitor. You can also integrate the app with Garmin, Fitbit and Polar.