Consistent messaging and urgency

The Power of Consistent and Urgent Communication in Improving Customer Engagement and Health


When it comes to increasing user engagement and meeting health goals, effective communication is a game-changer. This article explores how strategic messaging, when done with urgency and consistency, can significantly improve customer participation and even help them surpass health recommendations. Our case study with a global client confirms this and provides valuable lessons for all.

The Overload of Information in the Modern Workplace

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the sheer volume of information received by an individual is overwhelming. Kotter's 8-step model of change management suggests that only a fraction of this information makes an impact. This makes it crucial to repeat important messages often enough to ensure they resonate with the target audience.


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The Importance of Urgency and Consistency

For any message to stand out amid the noise, it needs to be communicated urgently and consistently. Whether it's to promote a contest or an important health initiative, the likelihood of engagement significantly increases when the message is reiterated. Furthermore, providing easily accessible resources like infopages adds another layer of accessibility and trust.

Simplified Onboarding: Maximizing Engagement with Minimal Steps

One of the most critical stages in user engagement is the onboarding process. Often, the easier it is for a user to get started, the more likely they are to continue using a service or participating in an activity. Understanding that our target audience consists mainly of busy individuals, we offer a simplified two-step onboarding process.

How it Works

  1. Download the App: The first click involves downloading the app, which is often the biggest hurdle in onboarding. By streamlining the download process and ensuring that our app is easily found, we tackle this challenge head-on.

  2. Join the Contest: The second step is to enroll in the campaign. No complex forms, no endless screens—just a single click to join.

The Impact

We were able to onboard the majority of participants within a single day. Given the busy lives that most of us lead, this quick and simple method proved to be incredibly effective. Additionally, those who couldn't join immediately found it easier to do so later because of the simplified process.

By limiting the onboarding to just a few clicks, we effectively reduced the entry barriers, resulting in higher participation and engagement. This proves that in a world bombarded by information and choices, sometimes less truly is more.

The Power of Recommendations

While focusing on usage statistics is important, equally crucial is the quality of engagement, particularly in the health and wellness sector. More often than not, participants meet WHO health recommendations but fall short of customized recommendations that emphasize intensity.

Case Study: A Global Customer's Journey

We recently collaborated with a global customer, focusing on their unique needs. With a streamlined onboarding process and a consistent flow of information, the results were remarkable.

Participation Rates

Typically, we achieve a participation rate of 40-60% in employee participation for our 8-week health campaigns. In contest with less duration it can goes as high as 95%. However, for this particular client, we witnessed a conversion rate of 65%. That's a notable 5% increase, which we attribute to our increased and consistent information flow (NOTE: they had two days of effective communication).

Activation Rates during the Contest

Generally, our activation rates fluctuate between 50 and 90% for most campaigns. This client, however, maintained a consistent activation rate between 60 and 70% throughout the eight-week period. This level of consistency is a strong indicator of sustained engagement, proving that our messaging strategies were effective in retaining attention.

Adherence to Intensity Recommendations

We usually find that 40-60% of participants follow our recommendations for activity intensity. Astoundingly, this client surpassed our recommendations by 195%.

The Experiment

Our strategy involved:

  • Simplified Onboarding: A quick and easy two-step process to get started.
  • Making pre-recorded digital seminars available 24/7 to the participants to educate and engage
  • Opening up our extensive knowledge base for easy access
  • Continuously updating our tailored infopage with new information

The Results

The outcomes were startling. This client outperformed all others in terms of both engagement and the quality of their health activities. Their adherence to high-intensity recommendations serves as a testament to the effectiveness of consistent and urgent communication. 


Strategic communication, when executed with urgency and consistency, can drastically improve user engagement and adherence to health recommendations. By making information easily accessible and repeating important messages, we increase the chances of the message being internalized, thereby making a lasting impact on behavior and health.


Download our cheatsheet for communication and implementation