Calibrate your app

Calibrate the app so it can get to know you a little better. Do you want it to give you as precise feedback on your form as possible? It can only do this when it knows your capacity.

What is your capacity?

Your capacity is your fitness number. It says something about what you are able to do from physical training/work. This fitness figure is essential for the app to know in order for it to give you feedback on the physical work you choose to do.

Your fitness figure also says something about your health risk and biological age. When the app knows this about you, it can tell you a lot about what you choose to spend time on in terms of physical activity. Is it good for your physical health? Or is it useful for something else entirely?

The calibration takes place as follows 👇

The app must be calibrated (know your physical capacity) for both indoor and outdoor use.

Calibrate outside

When you move outside, we only need you to start a 4x4 HIT interval where you walk or run according to the instructions from the voice in the app. Your capacity is then calculated based on GPS data and barometer measurements in your phone. When you are done with the session you can ask it to "Evaluate Session". Any other activity that takes place outside with walking or running that you choose to track with Myworkout GO will now give you HIT minutes, provided that your intensity is high enough.

Calibrate on treadmill

When you move on the treadmill, we need to know the speed and incline you maintain during the 4x4 HIT intervals. You enter this when you have finished the session. Then you can ask the app to "Evaluate Session"

Can I get HIT minutes on everything?

Yes actually. BUT, since it is the work you do, we can give you a measure of it and these measures are based on GPS, barometer, speed, elevation and watts, so we need to add a new measurement function for activities that cannot be measured as easily with the mentioned parameters. In this context, you need a heart rate monitor.

Connect it to the app and measure your maximum heart rate so that you are sure that you are working at the right intensity. If you already know your maximum heart rate, you just enter it in your profile in the app.


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